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BTS Run! These theories are killing me!
Seriously guys I have only watched this video like 3 times, as well as prologue, and I need you. Fucking depressed EVERYTIME I watch it. with all the theories about Jin is dead....or he is alive and all the other members killed themselves...DEPRESSED. Anyway I found an interesting theory on a YouTube comment where no one dies! Basically it was about insecurities and overcoming them which is a million times less depressing. Yay for that! Anyway I hope we find out for sure soon!
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I feel like us ARMY'S are looking so deep into it, trying to find a theory, when BTS is just sitting back and laughing at us bc they really don't have a meaning and they're just trolling
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@AbbyRamey the thought of that...uggghhh
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such a diva...........especially in those glasses
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