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Well hello their sexy abs..i mean Man ;)
Guess them abs helped you out there Aron..I mean pshh of course it wasnt that, it was your um um um personality (nailed it)
Well ask me don't be shy ;)
oops looks like he beat you there Minhyun..maybe next time? mkay? mkay then.
*gasps* eesh ren I mean you shouldn't be jealous
Mkay i see where Ren would be jealous
hubba hubba My superhero #drools
Well you look at that Minhyun, you ended up winning me over *inside voice (but JR dangit)* whaa
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I hope I get as lucky
2 years ago·Reply
@ashleyemmert I don't think anyone saw >.> <.<
2 years ago·Reply
@jessicaacosta90 good cause the ministry of magic already sent me this letter and.... Well ... OH LOOK A UNICORN! *runs for dear life*
2 years ago·Reply
@ashleyemmert LOOL 😂😂😂😂
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