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Need a recap? Here's the beginning to the novela! ->
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You wake up to a knock on the door, “Room service,” a voice yelled from the other side.
“What? I didn't order any room service,” you mummble sleepily and get up to answer the door. A hotel maid walks in with a cart and sets a covered dish and a large bouquet of roses on your small table then bows and walks out. “The hell?” you scratch your head when you're alone again in the room.
There was a note on the bouquet, you grab it and take a seat to open it.
“Y/N, please enjoy your breakfast and be ready by 10. -Young-Bae”
<<How did he? What in the? WHAT!>> You fall back and grab a pillow from the top of the bed, releasing all the fangirl feels into it again. <<Wait, what time is it?>> You look up and peek at the alarm clock by the night stand, it was only eight thirty. He had given you enough time to get ready and even ordered breakfast and flowers for you.
“Holy shit, he's like... Prince charming or something," you whisper to yourself.
A full stomach and a hot shower later, you finish getting ready thirty minutes before the set time. You pace back and forth to kill time but end up getting flustered with yourself, so instead, you head to the main lobby to wait for him there.
As you take a seat in the lobby, you notice a guy sitting across from you in jeans and a leather jacket, with shades on and a medical mask covering his face. His head is lowered and hands are pressed together, touching his mask, as if he was praying.
“How sweet,” you say quietly, drawing attention from the man.
“Hey,” the man says then stands up and removes his sunglasses. It was Tae-Yang. You stood up instantly and bowed.
“Have you been waiting long?” you ask, embarrassed to see him so soon.
“No no, I just got here not too long ago. You're early, are you excited?” he says with sparkling eyes.
You nod and begin to blush, “Thank you for the roses by the way, they're lovely.”
“I'm glad you enjoyed them,” he said then took your hand once again and slipped on his sunglasses. “Where do you want to go?”
“Wherever you recommend,” you smile. He squeezes your hand gently then leads you out of the hotel and into the car that was waiting.
Tae-Yang took you all over Osaka, visiting the universal studios of Japan, beautiful gardens like the Tennoji Park, and stopping by the Shitenno-ji temple. He bought you snacks whenever you were hungry, and drinks to clench the thirst.
From time to time, he'd remove his sunglasses, allowing you to see his eyes smile. He never let go of your hand when you were walking, and continuously tried to make you laugh plenty of times throughout the day with funny stories about him and the other BigBang members.
You took pictures of him during the day, some without him noticing, and others with him posing like a the photogenic man he is.
He carried the souvenirs you would buy, rejecting any offer you made to help him with the bags. Tae-Yang was the perfect gentleman to you, kind and patient, romantic and funny. Seeing you happy kept him happy as well.
You took a seat on a bench in front of a the famous Osaka Castle. Tae-Yang had run off somewhere so you took the opportunity to rest your aching feet from walking so much during the day. You stretched your feet out and laid your head against the bench, closing your eyes for a moment.
“I'm sorry, you must be exhausted,” Tae-Yang's voice woke you from your rest. You moved your feet to let him sit but he grabbed them and laid them on his lap. He took off your shoes and began to rub your feet slowly, easing the tiredness away. “Rest up for a bit,” his eyes smiled.
You bit your lip and watched him knead your feet gently, feeling guilty for being the cause of him doing so much. “Oppa, why are you being so kind to me?” the words slipped out of your mouth in a concerning tone.
Tae-Yang sighed then looked up at you. “I don't know how to describe it exactly, but there's something about you that spoke to me when I laid my eyes on you. It was as if the everything else had disappeared and this bright light shined down on you; I couldn't keep myself from looking.” He pulled you closer and wrapped an arm around your back. Your faces inches away.
“I've always liked you, oppa. But you're treating me like a princess, it's more than I deserve,” you confess.
He shook his head then leaned his head back and closed his eyes, “You are a princess. Your beauty reminded me of delicate roses, your personality is sweet like honey. Aishh, there's so much more about you that draws me to you, Y/N.”
You blushed and looked away towards the castle and its escorts of cherry blossoms.
“Every time you shy up, you make me want to kiss you,” Tae-Yang pulled down his medical mask and placed a finger under your chin, bringing your lips closer. You hold your breath and close your eyes when your lips touch. The kiss was soft at first but was instantly deepened with passion by Tae-Yang when he wrapped his other arm around your waist. It was as if he wanted to melt together with you, like the kiss was suppose to make up for the things he couldn't build the courage to say.
You both pulled away slowly, looking deeply into each others eyes.
“I don't want you to leave, ever,” Tae-Yang's sweet breath teased your nose.
You bit your lip and close your eyes, fighting back the tears that began to build up after his confession. “I have to,” you whispered silently, mentally swearing to yourself when a single tear began to roll down your cheek.
Tae-Yang wiped it away with his finger, “Please don't cry,” his voice was pained.
You open your eyes and see that his own eyes were bloodshot with tears, it shattered your heart to see him hurt. You throw your arms around his neck and bury your face in his neck. He rubbed your back and breathed in the scent of your hair. Neither of you wanted to let go, neither of you wanted to leave, but the day had began to blend itself into the night.
“Come on, I have to take you back so you can pack,” Tae-Yang finally pulled away and wiped the tears off your face with a kiss on each cheek. He slips your shoes back on and pulls you to your feet. You take his hand and head back to the parking lot.
He walked you to the entrance of the hotel again. His mask and sunglasses had stayed off since the kiss, you had worried about the people who might have recognized him but he didn't seem to care, his attention was narrowed to you.
“I want to see you off tomorrow,” he mumbled and looked down at your intertwined fingers.
“I would like that,” you smiled gently then let go of one of his hands to caress his cheek.
He looked up and smiled, “Goodnight, Y/N. I'll see you soon,” he kissed your palm then let you go and headed back to the car, turning to look at you one last time before getting in. You waved goodbye as the car drove off, then grabbed your souvenir bags and entered the hotel.
Packing was heartbreaking.
Folding your clothes and fitting the souvenirs made your heart throb in pain. That night you skipped dinner and went straight to bed, crying silently to yourself until you became exhausted and fell asleep.
In the morning, room service wakes you up again. This time, Tae-Yang had sent you a teddy bear with a note attached. You smiled and hugged the bear then took a seat to read his note.
“Something came up, I won't be able to see you off. I'm so sorry. -Young-Bae”
A tight knot lodges itself into your throat, you clench onto the teddy bear, and cry your soul into its soft fur. “Why is this so painful?”
When the tears stop flowing, you head into the bathroom and stare into the mirror. The tear streaks stained your face and it made you want to continue crying.
<<Get it together, Y/N. This is how it has to be.>> You think and take a moment to breath away the sadness. After washing your face to erase the evidence of your distress, you take a last look around the room then leave.
The airport was more crowded than usual since there the rain had pushed people to stay inside. Some people looked at you funny when they saw you carrying the teddy bear and flowers under your arm and pulling your luggage. When checked in, the air attendant took your bag and let you proceed. When you walked through the metal detectors, the airport security had stopped you and pointed at the bear and flowers in your arms.
“They're a gift,” you say English.
“Sorry, not allowed on plane,” the man replied. He yanked the bear and roses out of your arms and threw them into the trash can nearby. You bow respectfully and continue forward, looking down to avoid anyone see your eyes turn bloodshot.
<<Now how am I suppose to cherish the memories?>> You think. You sit down by the gate and wait for it to open. When it opened, you stay seated so everyone could line up ahead of you and board, just like when you let the other fans leave before you at the concert. You present your ticket to the attendant who bowed to you and let you pass through.
“Y/N!” a faint voice shouted out of nowhere. You stop halfway through the gate and turn your head to listen.
Silence was the only response. “I'm going insane,” you sigh and continue forward.
“Y/N! Please stop!” the voice shouts again, this time, it was closer and louder. You turn around and march back to the entrance of the gate to listen.
“Miss, the plane is boarding,” the flight attendant urged.
“Just a moment,” you snapped back.
“Y/N!” the voice broke through the crowd. It was Tae-Yang, he was running towards you, soaked completely through due to the heavy rain outside. “Please wait,” he yelled.
“Miss,” the attendant insisted. You wave her off and run to meet Tae-Yang.
It was like a scene from the romantic movies that would appear in theaters ever so often. He ran to you with open arms and you jumped straight into them, dismissing the fact that his clothes were wet and dripping. His arms wrapped tightly around your waist, your hands cupped his face and wiped away the water droplets with your thumbs.
“What are you doing here? You're going to catch pneumonia!” you cried.
“P-Please,” he struggled to catch his breath while holding you up.
“You shouldn't have come, you're putting your health at risk for-”
“Please don't go!” he interrupted you.
“W-What?” the tears emerge from your eyes.
“Please stay with me. I'm begging you,” he set you down and dropped to his knees only to look up at you. The commotion had attracted a lot of viewers but that was the least of your worries.
“What are you saying? Stand up!” your voice began to tremble.
“Come back with me to Seoul, stay by my side and don't leave. I need you in my life, I need you to be there. There's nothing in the world that I've wanted more than to have you besides me since the night I laid my eyes on you. You fill me with happiness, you make me forget about everything else, you make things so simple and easy, I can't bare the idea of just letting you slip through my fingers.”
You cry harder when you fail to think of something to say but caress away the tears that fell onto his distressed face.
“Y/N, you're a gift from the heavens above, I prayed so much to find someone like you,” he stood up and cupped your face in his hands. “I haven't finished treating you like the princess you are, so please, stay. Stay besides me. I need you. I want you. I love you. Please, marry me.” He looked deep into your eyes, allowing you to see into his soul.
“I'll s-stay," you stuttered with a growing smile. He smiled like a dork and scooped you into his arms once more.
The audience behind you erupted into a cheerful applause as Tae-Yang dipped you for a passionate kiss.
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