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Tell me im not the only minimalist ! Peeps who are w/ me ?!! Comment below and say which outfit u like the best!
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The second one is the best. And did anyone else notice that they all have small boobs? Or I'm I the only person who did?
I (unfortunately) think that's the body type of most models :/ @gabbycalzada
@nicolejb then guess I'll never be a model!! Haha馃槀 I'm ten and I'm already a cup size C! I don't wanna be a model anyways you just stand there and take pictures in different positions
Hahaa I don't either @gabbycalzada :) I'm happy with my body and it's DEF not model size. I will say though that I enjoy look at fashion though, it's sometimes sad to see just those bodies in clothes I want to wear! haha
@nicolejb yeah that's why I can't wear crop tops my boobs ale it look like a bra