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Basic info about me I go by Elle. 1. My name is Lynnette 2. Elle is "her" or "she" in French 3. If you had to spell the letter it's Ell. I have 3 daughters who are pretty much carbon copies of me at different stages in my life and they work my nerves!! I like using cool beans, awesome sauce, shenanigans, tomfoolery and ridiculousness in daily conversations. Probably should do a disclaimer okay here goes.... blah blah laughing blah blah blah choking blah blah heart attacks blah blah blah blah waffles lol Aaaaand we're off
I am an office manager. Actually I am THE office manager. I deal with all kinds of stuff daily. I'm pretty good at it too, but I'm tired 90% of the time.
I am Portuguese American. My Dad was born in Portugal and then he met my mom and the BAM! Here I am. According to family legend, my Paternal grandfather was a mafia boss in Portugal. He made people disappear. Don't know how true it is but people get nervous when I mention his name.
My first dog was a Chow Chow named Munchie. He was my best friend. We moved to a new house in the city when I was 5 so they gave him to the neighbor. I found out when I was 8 he had actually died the day we were packing the truck. Like wow no one told me that.
Never trust green crayons! I stuck one up my nose when I was 4. My mom said she couldn't tell if it was a booger or a crayon. Needless to say my mom bought me the fat crayons until I was 10.
I LOVE wine!!!! Particularly Stella Rosa. All of them. If my spelling is bad one night it probably because I had a bottle. One of my customers is a distributor so sometimes a case falls off the truck
Butterflies are my thing its my spirit insect. I have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, seat cover etc... with butterflies on them. You guys are like awww that's cute. NO *come close I have a secret* Did you know that the Monarch Butterfly bites are poisonous? HAHA get it. Nice to look at but a horrible pain if you put it in danger.
After my Mom died and I stayed in her house for 3 months I became afraid of the dark. That was in 2006. It took 5 years for me to sleep in complete darkness.
I have a problem with running into trees, literally. I have knocked myself unconscious, lost a tooth and rubbed at least 6 inches of skin off my arm running into trees.
This drama started me on the downward spiral into K-dramas and K-pop. My husband was stationed at OSAN and someone told me about a news channel local in Philly. So I watched it and the lost the dang remote. This show came on and we'll clearly I'm here now so you know the rest.
I edit everything in red pen. I write as a hobby and have 3 incomplete books. I'll finish one day. I guess. However, if you see an edited card or your swore I commented on something and the it disappears, it's probably because I saw a typo and it was crushing my soul to let it slide.
I am by definition and personality tested an Introvert. Go ahead put on your shocked face. lol not her. Yes me. I work in customer service and when I get home I am emotionally drained. I don't like people because they drain me literally. I find that communication through text i.e books, letters, email, text messages, posts puts less stress on me.
Yes I do on a regular basis. Bubble Stand and Ripped my Pants are my 2 most favorite episodes.
Not exactly my case but that happens often. I think I might have insomnia too. But I will figure that out eventually.
CATS SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME I don't need to elaborate. I mean what I said.
I am also very allergic to apples, bananas, green, red and yellow peppers. Also raw onions and raw tomatoes. If I touch them and touch my face I look like Will Smith From Hitch.
So that's it those are my random facts. In my world because I'm random everything about me is random. Tagging my #thunderbuddies @ashleyemmert @jessicaacosta90 @KhrystinaLee
*Patrick's voice* Careful spongebob careful, careful spongebob careful *spongebob* The lid, the lid the lid
I'm a writer too and seeing poor grammar makes me cringe. especially in some of the crazy fan fics floating around here. I can't handle them....
@ElleHolley #nevertrustagreencrayon omg I have abs now! C-a-m-p-f-i-r-e s-o-n-g song! Lol I love sponge bob..... Is mayonnaise an instrument?
I shall do this one tomorrow cause i gotta think first Lol
@ashleyemmert you are an alien language.
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