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Matte lipsticks are amazing.

They happen to be even more amazing when they are named after some of your favorite everyday terms. Leave it up to Tarte Cosmetics to come up with a quirky and cute concept for their collection of matte lippies, Tartiest Lip Paint. The range of liquid lipsticks range in shapes from nude to purple, which means there's something for everyone.
Not only are these lippies moisturizing, super pigmented and smooth, they are super cool mainly because of the name of the shades. Who wouldn't want a lip product called 'bae' or 'yaassss'? These lipsticks are not only perfect for the average makeup junkie, but they are amazing keepsakes for the everyday millennial who finds herself using these terms on a daily basis. The collection has officially launched and is available for purchase now, so grab your 'bae, lovespell and twerk' your way to the checkout [here].
these are really great. names of cosmetics have to be fun. nobody wants to put in boring red
@jordanhamilton loving them!
Imma get those deep dark ones
Totally agree!! I think I love name more than anything @marshalledgar
Me too!!!! @Sara3
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