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✨I'm so excited to share my RESULTS. I had so much fun doing this challenge✨ Thanks to @BBXGD for tagging me in her card and to the original creator @AimeeH for creating this little game. Let's have some fun
Well, Taeyang and I have been best friends.... well since we were in diapers. Lol.. Inseparable we were and never left each other's side.
Until GD came along and we started hanging out more. Taeyang will always be my bff and nothing will ever change that. GD one day while we were hanging finally admitted that he had a crush on me ...
Within the same week, I also found out that I had a secret admirer . Who was that person, well I found later on that it was Seungri.
My head was swirling from every thing that happened that Daesung took me out for some fun. He had me laughing the whole night.
That following weekend GD said he wanted to take me somewhere for the weekend. So I packed all the good stuff. As it turns out it was a weekend cruise.. Yay! ✨✨
After that weekend everything was great. GD and I kept seeing each other Things were going great but one night we had an argument and the BFF Taeyang was there... and well ya know . We had twins, a boy and a girl, one named Tae Woo and Tae Ri.
Even though I had kids with the BFF, GD and I MADE up . ✨ He knew I would always be his R.O.D✨
Daesung became very jealous of my relationship with GD. But he was soo nice in the beginning
So of course on our one anniversary,GD wrote me a song titled Butterfly
GD and I were together for so long but in the end it didn't work out. We still remain friends and I ended up marrying my secret admirer Seungri WHO KNEW!!
Well this is the end of my SCREENSHOT. I think I had way too much fun with this card. I hope you all enjoyed I will tag people and mods. @JessikaLuna
I will be looking forward to it 😀
@MarrickeJ33 No problem! I'm hoping to have the new one up later this evening or tomorrow! 😄
@AimeeH Of course!! Thank you for making it 😀
I love this!! thank you so much for participating!