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"So noona, what did you think of the movie?" Yugyeom asks as we make our way home from the movie theater. "I think the bruises on you're arm will give you your answer in the morning. Seriously, what were you thinking when you picked that movie? You know how much I hate zombies." He kicks the ground & sulks, "I know but you always find a way to weasel out of watching horror movies with me so I wanted to surprise you & see your reaction." I try to look stern as I say "Well now you've seen it so don't do it again ok?" He hears the smile in my voice & perks up. "So am I forgiven?" I shake my head, "Nope not until you get us out of this alley, I'm still a little freaked out & keep expecting a zombie to pop out."
Yugyeom & I are still walking when I hear footsteps approaching us. I feel him grab my hand as I look to see who walked up to us. "Jae-Jaebum! Yah, say something next time! You nearly scared me to death." He looks at me & chuckles, "I did actually, not my fault you were busy scolding you're bestie at the time." Yugyeom squeezes my hand to get my attention, "Come on noona, let's get you home." Jaebum steps closer, "Why the rush to leave?" Yugyeom subtly points past Jaebum to someone new approaching. "That's why." he says softly for only the three of us to hear.
Jaebum turns around as the new person stops walking. "Jinyoung, what a surprise!" Jinyoung doesn't respond, he sees that Yugyeom & I are holding hands & scowls at us. "So this is why we can't hang out? You two are together?" I can't help myself & laugh. "Are you kidding me?! He's like my little brother!" He steps closer to us, "You expect me to believe that? You're always with him, holding hands, sitting close together!"
Yugyeom pulls me backwards away from Jaebum & Jinyoung. "Calm down hyung, she's telling the truth." Yugyeom sighs heavily & continues talking. "She takes care of me & we hang out, that's all." I step forward in front of Yugyeom so I can look at Jinyoung directly. "See? Nothing's going on. Why do you care so much anyway?" He moves closer to me, "Are you blind?"
Before Jinyoung can say anything else Jaebum steps between us. "Jinyoung go home, sleep it off, this isn't going to get you anything but more upset." Jinyoung glares at him, "What do you care, why are you even here? This has nothing to do with you." Jaebum glares back, "Remember I gave you the chance to leave & not witness this." He then turns back to me & grabs my hands. "I know that this is terrible timing but I can't hold back any longer, Elise I love you." *deep breath* "I've been in love with you for a while & was to scared to confess." I'm speechless & just stand there as my world flips upside down.
"Say something please." Jaebum says softly. *Inner monologue* "WTF JUST HAPPENED?!?! Did I die & go to heaven?! He's right, horrible horrible timing. Jaebum you just won the gold medal in horrible confession timing!" I stand there still to stunned to form a complete sentence. "You...what...OMO!" Jaebum clears his throat & says "I know I know, just please don't run away. I need you by my side, follow only me & I swear I will show you every day what you mean to me."
Yugyeom is still next to me & pokes my shoulder. "Say something noona, you can't just leave a guy hanging after he confesses." That's enough to snap me out of me stupor. "Watch it little brother, unless you want more bruises." I look at Jaebum who is staring quietly at his feet. "Jaebum, look at me." I wait with my breath held tightly. He looks up & graces me with a nervous yet hopeful smile. I let out the breath I've been holding & start to speak. "Im Jaebum you are officially the king of worst possible confession settings. You could have told me anytime but you chose now so we'll just have to deal with the trouble that comes from it." He looks at me questioningly. "Don't give me that look, you know as well as I do that Yugyeom is going to blab it to the other members as soon as he sets foot in the dorm. Judging from the look on Jinyoung's face we're going to pay for this for a long, long time." I square my shoulders & look him in the eye. "Even knowing all of that, I have to tell you that I love you too. I've loved you since shortly after meeting you. You're strength & dedication to your members is what won me over but your kind & warm heart is what keeps me by your side. I will always follow you & show you every day how much I love you." At this point Jaebum has wrapped his arms around me & is spinning us in circles while Yugyeom is laughing & clapping for joy at us.
Jaebum sets me back on my feet & lightly brushes his lips across mine. That's all it took to snap Jinyoung into action. With a scream like nothing I've ever heard before he pulls me away from Jaebum. "No, no! I won't accept this! I won't let him take you from me!" I trying pulling away from him but his grip is to strong. He pulls back his fist...
Just as Jinyoung goes to swing Yugyeom pulls me away & we start to run. I hear the sound of fighting behind us but he won't let me look back. "Noona, Noona! We have to get out of here ok? Jaebum hyung will be fine, he said he'll meet up with us once he gets Jinyoung hyung back to the dorm." All I can do is nod while we run & hope that he's right.
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Proud momma! My babies are making stories again! 😭
well this was not a love triangle what's that other one called orgy Lol Kk
@EliseB you're welcome!
@ashleyemmert Thank you for the scenario, without it this probably would have been a very dull card. @PrettieeEmm Ikr? I'm a stream of consciousness writer so whatever pops in my head pops out either on "paper" or verbally. @VeronicaArtino Thank you! ❀
yes I loved this