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The 30 Day Song Challenge is officially over! Let's finish this list off, shall we?

Song That I Want To Play At My Wedding:

"You & I (Nobody In The World)" by John Legend

Say what you will, but John Legend can do no wrong in my eyes, and this is one of my most favorite love songs of recent years. Swoon.
Song That I Want To Play At My Funeral:

"November Rain" by Guns N Roses

I always joke around with my friends that when I die, I want someone dressed like Slash to wail out the entire solo from 'November Rain' on the guitar while standing on my casket. It's BAMFy as hell and going out as a BAMF would be most preferred.
Song That Makes Me Laugh:

"Bump N Grind" by R. Kelly

The perfect song for when your mind is tellin' you 'no', but your body - your body's tellin' you 'yes'.
Song I Can Play On An Instrument:

"Ring Of Fire" by Johnny Cash

Okay, so I'm from a city that's pretty dense with mariachi bands, and this is their go-to non-bandera/ranchera song. One day I thought I'd jump on the band wagon and teach myself how to play it on my violin too. Needless to say, I love playing this on my violin while I chase my dog around the house. (She's not really a fan of my noise.)
Song I Wish I Could Play On An Instrument:


Guys, I'm so bad at being talented. No, seriously. Taylor Davis needs to give me skillz.
Song That Makes Me Feel Guilty:

"Rootless" by Marina & The Diamonds

This album came out during a particularly heavy time of my life, and this song spoke to those emotions the most - one of them definitely being guilt. I was in art school at the time and created a clay sculpture that evoked the theme of this song - a girl with a body that unravels into large tree roots that she drags along with her as she moves ahead.
Song From My Childhood:

"Fancy" by Reba McIntire

I don't care what anyone says. 'Fancy' was one of the best songs of the 90s. Thanks to my dad, I was such an embarrassing country dork when I was a little girl, and my very first concert was Reba when I was six years old.
Favorite Song From This Time Last Year:

"Coach Me" by San-E feat. Hyorin and Jooheon

Ask @PassTheSuga. San-E is pretty high on the bae list. And around this time last year, I was watching Monsta X's survival show pretty religiously. This song is all sorts of scandalous and yet it is also very much [insert fire emoji here].


Shout out to @ButterflyBlu, @VeronicaArtino, and everyone else that stuck it out to the end!
Wedding Song-Love Is Your Name Funeral-Don't Worry Be Happy Makes Me Laugh-Pharrell's Happy Play on Instrument-Macarena on Maracas Wish I Could Play-Sheila E's Glamorous Life Makes Me Feel Guilty-Otis Redding Sittin' On the Dock Of the Bay From Childhood-Elvis Viva Las Vegas Song From Last Year-Anything Taylor Swift
Haha! I was just working on finishing up mine too. I LOVE these choices! And you're right... San-E is totally bae! 💜