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So me and my roomie kita were sitting here and came up with a scenario in which we decided to make a screenshot game out of. This game includes the groups Big Bang, Infinite, BTS, Boyfriend, VIXX, and F(x). All the groups come over for a sleepover! Dont forget to tag me in the results! Its about to get crazy!
Shows up first
Brings Party Favors
Questions why you still have a christmas tree up.
Eats all the food
Their Kigu is inside out!
Gets Drunk
Takes over the Xbox
Hides the wine
Suggests Karaoke
Wins Karaoke
Clogs the toilet
Spends most of the night chillin in the bathtub
Finds the panic room
Is afraid of the dark
Loud Enough to get the police called
Spokesperson when cops arrive
Falls Asleep first
Snuggles with you all night
Also got a lot of Amber for my results. No complaining here.
As I got to the "falls asleep first" I was telling myself that if Leo fell asleep first I would never draw on his face..... The person to fall asleep first is Leo *0*
@SharayahTodd no I love it !! BTS stayed to clean up, they are so caring馃槏and Victoria snuggled with me
sorry that it is so long lol