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Tagged by lovely @katiems!!! So technically I have to choose 3 K-pop songs that have made a real connection....something that kind of resounds through me. Also tell you guys why I think that and why I love that particular song! Well enjoy!
First is Selene 6.23 by SHINee.... Most of you know that SHINee was pretty much what brought me officially into K-pop and they hold a real special place in my heart. So when this album came out (Misconceptions of Us...right?) and I heard this song....I just remember bursting out in tears because of the hit something within me and so this song is the reason why I love these boys....that no matter how many bands debut I will be a SHAWOL before anything else.... Before being an Army or Starlight or whatever fandom I am in....being a SHAWOL is what saved me from myself....
Next up is Vixx Thank You For Being Born.... I have said it before but....Vixx makes me feel loved you know what I mean? Whereas Bts makes me happy and full of life....Vixx gives me the feeling if being loved truly.... When I heard this song I was touched so much by the genuine feelings coming through the song.... I haven't experienced falling in live yet so I had dedicated this song to my sister who was going through a tough time....hopefully conveying what I couldn't put to words.... So this song has immense meaning to me because it also helped me get through my own trying times.....
Last is Believe by U-Kiss.... Its not a sad song like the ones above....but it still holds a connection.... It talks about how they changed for the person that they love and I found myself doing that..... I changed the way I thought so as to not hurt the people I love....and this song just helped me see that I really shouldn't do that.....just believe in yourself... Believe in your beliefs and no matter how much the others hurt must believe that they didn't mean it That they are feeling just as confused as myself....
Ooooh I wanna do this. @ChelseaJay do this with me.
yes <3 love it!! Especially your explanation how they give you the feelings of being loved while others give you life & happiness. that's just awesome ^^
@MorganElisabeth I think I can do this. LOL.