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Last, but certainly not least, the biggest weirdo of the bunch, V!
I've been trying to get this card up for three days. It's finally here. I hope you like.
He's such a goofy, lovable bug.
He's so cute and adorable and the faces he makes are absolutely priceless.
NO V, DON'T EAT THE DOG! It's not food... You can nibble on one of the other members as long as you leave their faces and abs intact for us ARMYs. ...and Jimin's thighs... leave those too. I need those.
I love his antics. Such an entertainer.
Such a cutie our V is.
I hope you enjoyed my Jungkook gif card... 7 boys down. Now for the group cards.
If you want to be added to my BTS tag list or removed, please let me know.
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can you tag me please
Please tag me in these cards!!
I couldn't even deal with this !!! I died!!
tae tae!! i love tae tae
ahhh, my bts bias! How can one person be so adorably dorky and yet also be so insanely sexy?!! *sigh*