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This is the best match-up for Wendy! I just love these two together!!!! (^_^)
So cute!!!!!!!
Sexy Edolas Wendy! (♡^♡)
Sexy Doranbolt! \\(^-^)//
@jlo0219 good point
@jlo0219 I like Wendy. She's so cute!
@PeteTehCat I have let it sink in and honestly ur putting too much thought into it with morals. Lighten up. ^_^ It's manga. Isn't real. Though it would be cool if it were. Lol. And there's a plenty mangas and anime out there that age is just a number and yet it's an awesome manga and anime. And to be honest Japan doesn't really care much about that age difference. I believe at a certain age ur considered an adult and it's not age 18 or 21 for some. Anyhow, ur right on one thing it is cute! (^-^) Enjoy ur day!!!
Like I know it's adorable and all but think about it Wendy that is considered a child and Doranbolt an adult. Let that sink in.
Lol @Shadowrider32 I gotchu! (^-^) and yes they're so freaking adorable!!!!! I'll be posting a card of Romeo and Wendy as well even though I prefer Doranbolt-Mest with Wendy!
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