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Day 18 - Who would you rather have as your personal motivator, Jin or Jimin? Hmmmm this one is interesting. This is very interesting. Choosing between bubbly Jimin who always makes me smile, or eomma Jin who is always there cheering on the other boys.
I'll have to pick eomma Jin. I think that Jimin and I are too much alike for him to be a personal motivator. He could be a good friend, but when I think of motivators, I picture someone who is like a brother, and Jin is like a big brother who is actually the same age as me. I think I could gain a lot from someone like eomma Jin.
@LilySilver I've been so busy with other stuff lol and they take like 15 minutes to make so I have no idea why I'm procrastinating when I'll spend like an hour and a half on a different card XD
@MadAndrea I felt that way a while ago, but I pushed myself to complete them because I promised I wouldn't do any more until I finished this one lol
Holy shit I'm so far behind lol!
jimin cause I want ABS so I can do the female ver of his moves OMG I can see myself I look hot