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The Funny Community is officially launching their brand new fan club, THE CRYSTAL GEMS - fans of the Cartoon Network cartoon 'Steven Universe'!

Fellow Vingler @CreeTheOtaku and I will be updating the fan club's collection with weekly games, trivia, memes, show news, or random discussions so that we all have a place to obsess together until the show returns later this year!

If you're down to join the party, here's how you do:

1. Follow the Steven Universe Official Fan Club collection.

You can join by clicking 'Follow' on the Steven Universe collection icon at the bottom of this card OR by following this link.

2. Introduce yourself in the comments below.

What's your name? Where are you from? Who's your favorite Steven Universe character? Do you have a favorite Steven Universe quote? Share whatever you'd like!

The party begins on February 1st!

I'm Jackie from MI and my favorite character is either Garnet or Amathyst (but Pearl too I can't choose faves) and my favorite quote is probably "If every pork chop were perfect we wouldn't have hot dogs".
I'm Kiara from Philly and my favorite character is Garnet but I really like Rose too
or trying to get it out there for all of the fans of su on vingle
@danidee also I have an idea for creating a Steven Universe community!
@CreeTheOtaku Yasssssssssss.
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