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The infinite amount of questions I have..... Sure I understand Pledis wanting to extend towards China but, this is where I get confused. I will admit I was one of those LO/\Es that were confused and didn't really like the idea of adding a new member... But before I said or thought anything I decided to watch some videos of him with the boys...he seemed like an okay guy! I could tell that the boys loved their hyung! But my question Jason still with them as Nu'est???
Like was he just a temporary member?? Where is he now?? I kind of feel bad for him because of short lived kind of fame into the K-pop world.... If you are going to add a member be like U-kiss or JJCC and keep them permanently!!! I also saw A LOT of hate against him...I know this is all old news but I really want to know what happened to this hyung??
Jason is kind of like Henry in Super Junior-M he only performs/promotes with the group when they are doing Chinese stuff, so he will be back when Nu'est-M has a comeback
Jason is only a member or Nu'est M. He is not a new member of the actual group so no, he will not promote with them outside of China (Nu'est M) activities. I wasn't really confused by his presence in Nu'est M, however I was confused as to why they needed to make a sub group and add a member for China's promotions. Were the original members not as popular in China? Or maybe it was because none of them speak Mandarin well? What is his true purpose? These are a few questions I would like answered, but I doubt will come.
apparently please don't hate me I just got in to nuest really recently nd I have the exact same I like Jason I saw him in only one interview boys loved him sooo much he was really nice nd sweet 2 I was searching everywhere but I cd not find any recent news about him I was like is he a member bcs he isn't even in the mvs I don't understand the hate at all like yyy.
Very bad analogy, ELF is still bitching about Henry and Zhou Mi being added to the group. They still think that having them in, will forcefully have two members, ergo Shindong and Leeteuk/Heechul, out of the band. Keeping the infamous Only13 thing alive is proof that they haven't accepted them. I never felt like that to any new members, if they are being added to the group is for a reason and they shouldn't be getting hatred.
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