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Preface: it was weird as hell So I was friends with VIXX, don't know my exact relationship with them (I don't remember a lot from the dream), and somehow Leo went missing, so all of VIXX and I went out looking for him for a while then everyone but Hakyeon and I gave up an accepted that he was gone, assumed he was dead. Now of course they were upset, but Hakyeon was even more upset that they gave up so quickly. He insisted that Leo was somewhere out there. I can't remember exactly what happened next, but I think Ken or Ravi broke the news that Leo was gone and all the Starlight FREAKED THE FUCK OUT, understandably.
Hakyeon was pissed at whoever released the news, like full on scary pissed. Some other stuff happened I don't remember but I ended up finding Leo, and saving the day. Everyone was ecstatic, to say the least, and Taekwoon was safe.
I've noticed though recently I'd fall asleep and 2 seconds would pass and it'd be the next day. I guess I'm just sleeping really deeply? Idk but I don't want to have another dream like this, no Taekwoonie disappearing, okay brain?