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Thank You For Being Born ch 1

Thank You For Being Born pt. 1 Member: Ravi Group: VIXX I sighed as I stared at my phone after checking my messages for about the 6th time in the past 20 minutes. All day I had been receiving happy birthday wishes from Jaehwan, Hakyeon, Hongbin, hell even Taekwoon and some other idols. The one person missing was Wonshik. I figured he was busy today, but it's already 11:58 pm and nothing came from him. A simple happy birthday text would suffice. I grumbled unhappily about the fact that my own boyfriend forgot my birthday. We've been dating for almost a year now and I figured he would have remembered the date. I always used to think that couples who get into fights about not remembering birthdays were annoying and just stupid, but after knowing how it feels to be forgotten, I understand. Hakyeon sent me another text reading "Still nothing from him?" I had told him a couple hours ago how Wonshik hadn't said anything to me and, being the ever positive oppa he was, he said to believe that Wonshik wouldn't forget. I bit my lip as tears started to build in my eyes as the clock passed 12. He officially forgot my birthday. Sighing, I stood up and locked the door, shut off all the lights and tv, walking back to my bedroom. I had sat in the living room with some meaningless variety show on the tv, hoping Wonshik would wake through the door and at least utter "happy birthday" to me. It honestly hurt. I'm not sure exactly why it hurt so much. I had countless people congratulate me today, so why would it matter that ONE person forgot? Is it because he's my boyfriend? Because he's supposed to know me better than anyone else? Wonshik had been quite busy lately with making his mixtape and going to Japan for VIXX LR, but he always found time to text me at some point in the day. All I got today was a good morning text. That's all it was, a simple "good morning." I let out a deep sigh as I flopped face first onto my bed. Rolling over onto my side, I cuddled my pillow close to my chest and closed my eyes. I just wanted to sleep and deal with this later. I went out for lunch with my family earlier, got presents from the rest of VIXX, did lots of exciting stuff with my friends, but nothing from Wonshik. No matter how hurt I was by him, it was still an exhausting day and I just wanted it to be over. Just as I was about to fall asleep, my phone started ringing from my nightstand. I groggily rolled over and answered it without looking to see who it was. "What?" I asks curtly, mostly sighing into the phone. "Jagi-ah!" Wonshik called excitedly. I frowned even deeper and hung up on him, returning to my original position and closing my eyes. Nope. Not gonna deal with. Sleep. Sleep is good. Once again, I was almost asleep and the phone rang again. I sighed angrily, rolled over and answered again. "What?!" I yelled into the phone. "Jagi what's wrong? Did I do something wro-" I cut him off by hanging up and shutting my phone off. I rolled back and got comfortable again, ignoring the nagging feeling that I was being too mean. I mean, first he forgets my birthday, then he wakes me up? That's a very bad no no. After a while I got waken up by someone knocking on my door. I rolled off the bed and onto the floor, my eyes half closed as I stumbled my way to the door, opening it. "Who are you?" I mumbled, rubbing my eyes. "What time is it? What do you want?" "Jagiya." He responded. I narrowed my eyes at him and went to slam the door. "No no wait. I'm so sorry. I can't believe I forgot. I'm such an idiot." He pleaded. "Go away Wonshik." I said, walking back to the bedroom. "At least let me explain. You don't have to forgive me." "I don't want to hear it, I want to sleep." I said, flopping back onto my bed. "...okay..." He answered after a moment of silence and walked out of the bedroom, closing it behind him. I heard the front door close as I fell asleep again, pissed and sad at the same time.
So this is part 1 and I will be making at least one more part to this, incorporating the meaning of the actual song.
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