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VIXX is my most favorite group, I love them so much. ❤️ Anyway, here are my results.
Aww, Ken! I'm sure he would make a great boyfriend, he's caring and cute and kind. ❤️
Now, Hyug~ie, stalking people is not cool, just tell me if you want to hang out.
Having Ravi as my best friend would be a lot of fun, we can do a lot of fun stuff together. 😄
I'm glad we're still best friends, even though we're no longer together. Friends forever, okay? x'3
Oh no, Leo, we're gonna include you in all our fun activities when we all hang out together, no need to feel like the third wheel. 😢
Of course I know you exist, N! You've just been really quiet lately, it's so unlike you..
Well, that's it, that's the scenario I can think of with this. x3 Screenshot games are really fun. 😆
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