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Hello all! Welcome back to the next installment of the fan fiction prequel to Captain Criminal minds! I am so happy you are all enjoying it so much!
Charles didn't want Krystal to go. He wanted her to stay with him. She told him she loved him, so why was she leaving? Why was she breaking his heart? He needed to know, but every time he tried talking to her she just walked away. Why was she pushing him away? He didn't understand at all.
That night, Charles started to dream again, but he knew it wasn't his dream. It was hers. This was the only time he could truly see what she was thinking. He watched from above as the dream unfolded. Krystal stood in an empty dance hall, soft jazz music playing. She was singing, swaying to the music, looking as though she was waiting for someone. Charles didn't know who. As soon as the music stopped, Krystal stopped dead in her tracks watching as a man in a WWII era army uniform walked over to her, pulling her in for a kiss. "Hey doll." he drawled softly, cueing the music to start again. They danced around the hall for what seemed what hours until the soldier stopped. Krystal tilted her head in confusion, but she never received an answer to her unspoken question. Right before her eyes, the soldier started to dissolve, and she was once again left alone. Krystal fell to her knees, shining tears falling from her eyes as she sat on the hall floor in despair. "Bucky...." came her weak voice, and the scene changed, landing Charles back on the train he knew her lover had died. It played back again, but this time something happened he didn't expect. When the scene returned to the hall, Krystal was still crying, but there was something different. Charles watched as a copy of himself held out a hand to Krystal. "Dear beautiful lady, why are you crying? Tears don't suit you." he quipped, as she looked up to his out stretched hand. She was being saved by him after all the despair she'd been through. The scene changed again, and this time Krystal sat by someone's hospital bed, crying her eyes out. "I'm sorry Charles" came her soft voice as she held his hand, feeling as though her world was crashing down as the feel of his heartbeat slowed to nothing. Now Charles understood. It wasn't that she didn't love him that she pushed him away, it was quite the opposite. She loved him so much she feared that loving him would cause his death, just like she blamed herself for Bucky's.
The next morning was the day Krystal was set to leave. All her bags were packed, and she was just loading them into the car when Charles came out of the mansion. Charles pulled at he wrist, making her drop the last suitcase into the trunk with a loud thud. He kissed her deeply, pushing her into the side of the car. When they broke apart, Charles let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding. "Krystal, I Iove you. Please, stay with me."
woah dam Charles getting kinky
haha, yep. @arnelli @shannonI5 Will you be in the chat? I could use some ideas for 15...
Oh wow this one was intense!
@arnelli haha, not really. just trying to show Krystal whats up. Show her how much he loves her
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