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Has the nutrition label ever stopped you from eating the whole bag of potato chips?
But what if instead of the nutrition label with calories and grams of fat, you saw how many minutes you would have to exercise to burn those chips off. Pretty scary, right?
To give you an idea of how terrible our food choices can be, we’ve listed below 8 of the most popular junk foods in US.
From a McDonald’s Big Mac to the KFC chicken, here are 8 most popular junk foods and the amount of exercise you’d need to perform to burn them off: FITNEASS.COM
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hmmm but here's the deal... you need a certain amount of calories to survive anyways... so I never got the whole need to "burn all the calories" in something you just ate... I think you could literally be fine if you ate the proper amount of calories even if it was in the form of a big mac