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They say, pain is beauty.

As much time as we spend working towards having close to perfect skin, sometimes you have to take things up a notch. While a good micro bead exfoliator might work for some, others might need something a tad bit stronger -- like myself. About two years ago, I dabbled in getting chemical peels done every now and then. While the pain didn't last long, the process was the least bit pretty -- but the end result was so worth it. While I'm currently on a journey to healthy and radiant skin, I've noticed a positive change in my skin just from being consistent and keeping a routine going.
I've been considering dabbling in the world of chemical peels yet again, but I've also been doing my research on microdermabrasion. While both procedures work to exfoliate the surface of the skin in hopes of producing a healthier, more vibrant layer -- I'm slightly torn between the two. I stumbled across this video [seen below] and was able to easily come make my decision. If you're curious about the two forms of face exfoliation, keep scrolling and learn a thing or two. Both are great, but depending on your end goal -- one may be more effective than the other.

Have you ever tried a chemical peel or microdermabrasion?

Would you ever give either one a try?
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I'd choose micro dermabrasion for two reasons. 1. it's less expensive at about $175 versus the $400 of chemical peel. 2. chemical peels procedures are more prone to leave you scarred and badly burned if done incorrectly.
never had chemical peel before. but I had microderm treatment kit at home. your skin will feel warm sensation and the result...instantly!
I loved the results from my chemical peels, but I'm going to take everyone's advice and go for the microdermabrasion this time around @marshalledgar
I've done chemical, I think it's time I try out microdermabrasion next! @primodiva93
I've had chemical peels when I was a teenager and I HATED them! They smelled horrible and my skin peeled for weeks. I've gotten mock microderm done. I liked it. Made my skin glow and retained the elasticity.
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