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I got my #1 love!!
*Dies a happy fangirl death*
My #2 love
Don't be jealous, it obviously didn't work between us. I wish you a happy life now move on.
Ok we've left jealous & moved on to crazy
Woah! Eli where'd you come from?!
Uh-Uh no dice, you've been trying to wreck my list for years!
Cheating on my boyfriend with my boyfriend *Parade of dirty thoughts*
Technically not, I just hope we didn't scar him too badly with our weirdness. *More dirty thoughts*

Bonus Pics & Vid!!

Just a few of my favorite pics. *All credit to owners*
His voice! I can't, nope no words. *Again, all credit to owner* Tag Time!! @sexylexi93 @Jiyongixoxo @SugaOnTop @DestineeLiu @parktaemi @bbyitskatie @VeronicaArtino @fallchild @terenailyn Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards.
Soohyun is baeeee but Kevin has my heart 😍
@EliseB I hoped I wouldn't get him either and i didn't yay!! relief off my heart lol
@PrettieeEmm Oh I know, he's been trying forever to mess me up. I had my fingers crossed the whole time hoping that loyalty would prove true. 😍Soohyun😍
Don't let Eli wreck your list it'll just hurt 😩 I like that you and Soohyun were loyal!!