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The androgynous look has been around for awhile.

There's nothing quite like throwing on an oversized sweater or button down, especially when it happens to belong to your beau. If you're like myself than you like to dibble and dabble in the mens section every now and then. There's something so amazing about mixing a masculine piece with something feminine.
The oversized effect is here and it's here to stay -- making it easy to piece together outfits while having the advantage of feeling cozy and comfortable. If you are not yet hip to the menswear trend, I urge you to do so very soon because the trend is pretty amazing. You've seen Rihanna and FKA Twigs do it, so now it's your turn to to do the same. Keep scrolling for a bit of inspiration including actual style tips from a man himself according to POPSUGAR.

The Bomber Jacket

How Women Can Make It Their Own: 'To combat the baggy fit and olive green color, which may give off too much of a masculine feel, wear something ultra feminine underneath. A flirty sheer mesh dress with knee-high boots will soften the look.'

Mens Denim Jeans

How Women Can Make It Their Own: 'You'll get a more desired baggy fit in men's denim than you would in most women's styles. Complement your casual look with a sexy pair of red or nude heels and a simple graphic white tee.'

The Graphic Tee

How Women Can Make It Their Own: 'Elevate this oversize and effortless look with a pair of ripped jeans, platform sneakers, and a bomber.'

The Fedora Hat

How Women Can Make It Their Own: 'Fedoras can also be a woman's saving grace when experiencing a bad hair day. Pick out a vibrant hat, and match it with a bold printed sweater or a button-down. The best part is that no one will even notice your frizzies!'

Mens Oversize Sweater

How Women Can Make It Their Own: 'Rip a page out of your lazy boyfriend's rulebook, and go for comfort this season. You can pull off his oversize sweater by pairing it with leggings and tall socks to balance out the bulky feel.'
Although my favorite didn't seem to make the list, it's obvious that menswear is pretty amazing and lady friendly.

Ladies, would you incorporate menswear into your daily wardrobe?

haha this is totally me. Im not that girlish girl. i usually dont wear like flora dress or lace dress but last year i start to mix and match. i often paired men's denim jeans with crop top, or boyfriend oversized flannels with some plain dress
I'm a huge fan of this look! it's the perfect combination of the two :) @waanderer