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Hoseok x Y/N Angst/Fluff/Smut(?) Mature Language and Themes Once you had admitted you were certainly not what he'd thought, he wouldn't let up. Would bringing him into your world extinguish the light you were beginning to cherish? Or would he allow you to fall back into your empty hell? ~*~
Pitch black. Absolute darkness. Usually, your insides would relish in the comfort it brought. So why did you feel so uncomfortable now? You'd always dealt in absolutes. Everything you'd do or say was carefully calculated down to the last detail. There was no room for emotional second guessing. Why were you unraveling now? You stood up slowly stood up from the frosted bench, a light crunch beneath your feet. You leaned forward and grasped the frigid railing in front of you, eliciting a sharp intake of breath. Recently, this season had not been a forgiving one, you were finding out. Your emotionless eyes stared out at the frozen river and you couldn't help but sigh heavily. This was exactly why variables could never enter the equation, mistakes occurred. Now here you were, hurting, with nothing to show for your work. You'd gotten so far and let it all come crumbling down. For him. Your body shuddered, but not from the chilled air. You struggled to keep everything together but soon found wetness stinging your painted cheeks. You began to laugh, the tears choking you. Was it worth it? Was he worth it? Had he really meant that much? To shatter your demeanor like this? You shivered again at the thought of him and your resolve slipped away. You felt the haunting sear of his lips against yours and collapsed. You shook violently as waves of sorrow ripped through your body. It was finally setting in. The snow was falling again and the frosted air overtook you. He was gone. He wouldn't be coming back. Because of you. You curled up on the side of the bridge and sobbed quietly, time slipping away as you prayed for the end. The night engulfed you and idly you wondered how long you'd been out there. Pushing it out of your mind, you focused on the new sensation of frigid air bursting into your lungs coldly searing every inch of you. You gasped, your body screaming for air, your mind losing itself. From one emptiness to another. Suddenly everything was hot. You must've been lit on fire. A figure was trying to pick you up frantically, and it was igniting your senses. Every struggling touch was a white hot knife piercing the skin. Your brain struggled call out but you were too far gone. You glimpsed a set of perfect white teeth, pleading with you to stay conscious before you fell once more into oblivion. No turmoil, no bliss. Nothing. ~*~
Man, I am not ready for angst Arii. Why would you do this to me?
Can you tag me please? I wanna know what's going on 馃槃
Ooh this is so good I want to know what happened!!!馃槪馃榿
Omg I love it
tag please
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