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I got hobi Like J-Hope, you are a bundle of sunshine and laughter! You are such a happy person, and you light up the lives of everyone you’re around. Keep that positivity and silliness, because the world needs it! I am happy that I am that way
but I'm also taehyung Like V, you’re a little bit of a troublemaker. You love goofing around, you’re almost always hyper, and you enjoy teasing people just for kicks. People adore you, and often times let you get away with things that others couldn’t.
@DestinaByrd haha same
@nnatalieg nae haha but I hate people who do that crap it's stupid and dis respectful even if I talk crap about her at least it will be to her face and for a good reason
@DestinaByrd ah noona you're such a rebel~
@nnatalieg this girl was talking bad about my English and the fact I'm half Korean and I'm such a trouble maker and punched her and told her she should be a wimp and say it to my face I got in trouble
@DestinaByrd haha true I'm planning to burn down the school too
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