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idk....but i LMAO!!! @YinofYang ...i found @oj1992 a friend, shall i get him gold lashes too?
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@shoenami ... i dont know what you're talking about? me and @oj1992 ...would never do anything like that...*whispers to oj1992, sorry i fell asleep behind Kim's ass*...@laratcheta that is what you call RATCHET!!
@oj1992 @cheerfulcallie okay okay.. anyway.. JGL knows in his heart the truth lol @ameliasantos10 loves this Korean actor guy she posts about all the time!
@shoenami Hey you are right ! Wow she is such a true blue fan. Now I am at a loss as to what to post for her. See how confused I am now. But I hope @ameliasantos10 knows that I care for her too !
@cheerfulcallie I see you are still asleep behind Kim's ass. Better get out fast coz she's gonna fart soon along with her kiddo's !!! Cheerios !
@oj1992 sis, thats why im here, she woke me up...lolz