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If some of y'all didn't know already I absolutely love B-free. I love all the cohorts more than anything(except jiyong😂) but since the beginning I've always connected with B the most. He is an amazing rapper and a truly amazing person, yes he is extremely free minded so he can come off as a jerk but he's not. That being said Korean Dream was an amazing album so I had nothing but high expectations for this new album. And just let me say this...........I was not disappointed at all! And I'm not saying this because I like B I'm saying this because I truly loved this album. B really killed it with this one and his collabs with Bryan , SwayD , G2,etc were perfect! He never ceases to amaze me with his music.
Starting with my absolute favorite song off the album , Kawasaki is the most catchy song out there! When I first heard it of course I was happy because B and Bryan were I a song together and Bryan is my love , but I was like b and Bryan killed it idk how I feel about SwayD and that lasted what two seconds by the end of the song I was jamming more to SwayD's part than the other two😂 so this song is definitely one to listen to if you haven't !
This song....this song is perfect and I'll probably say that about every song but I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it, B really did a great job with this song and I love it!
This one! Besides Kawasaki has to be my absolute favorite!!!!! I could jam out all day to this song ! As soon as I heard it for the first time I felt soo hyped up and i knew it was gonna be a new favorite💕
Growing up I was DBZ trash soo this one made me happy and it's absolute🔥🔥🔥🔥
I absolutely love this one! I know I said I loved the others but this one is amazing! And idk what it is but this song speaks to me In so many ways and when I listen to it I just feel everything that B is feeling and ughhhh idk this song just gets to me
When palo and B get together it's magic! This song just makes me feel some type of way and I love it! It's a close tie with this one and Chinese food !

Soo basically to sum it up I love this album!!! B killed it yet again and although Korean dream will always be my favorite this one is definitely up there for me💕

So you guys should definitely check this out