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Due to the awesome feedback I am updating already! Parts: all found on card one

WARNING: Mature, gang related content

"Yongguk." the man snaps his fingers at this Yongguk person and points at me. "Take her somewhere to rest. She's been through a lot. Keep an eye on her to make sure she doesn't try to escape...In fact, that's your job until this is over. I'll have Daehyun take over as my body guard." Yongguk walks over to untie my wrists, as I try to stand up my ankle is stricken with a sharp pain and buckles underneath me. I yelp as I fall to the cement floor. I try to get back up but there's no way it's going to happen. Yongguk looks down at me blankly and without hesitation picks me up. Instinctively I wrap my arms around his neck as he does so. If I don't hold on I'll fall, but this is an extremely uncomfortable situation. Still, it's better than attempting to walk on a possibly broken ankle. "Alright, go on, and don't put her in one of the storage rooms like we usually do with people we're holding. Take her to a room with an actual bed." We leave the room and we walk through the poorly lit hallway of what I'm guessing is their base of operations. We walk for quite a bit and aside from stopping a few times to re-shift me in his arms, this man has done nothing but look ahead. He is very stoic, I can't imagine why he is working under a younger guy's control, especially when he treats him like a trained dog. "Is there an issue?" He finally speaks and it's like a low rumbling, he has a surprisingly deep voice. I shake my head slightly. "Then please stop staring at me." Oh. I must have zoned out, god my mind is in a daze. I don't even realize what I'm doing. I look down and continue looking down until we come to a door. "I'm setting you down for a moment." He gently puts me on the floor and I lean against the wall, putting my weight on my good ankle. He takes out a set of keys and shuffles through them. He unlocks and opens the door. He again lifts me up, enters the room, and sets me down on the bed. He reaches down and pulls up my pant leg and before I can push his hand away, he holds up his other hand to stop me. "Relax. I'm just looking at your ankle. Let me know if this hurts." He slowly presses down on my ankle in several different places, but it doesn't hurt. He rubs it for a couple seconds. "Okay, try moving it around in a circle." I slowly move my ankle and almost instantly I'm in pain. I grip tightly on the sheets; it feels like someone is tearing my tendons! "Ah, it's a sprain. That's good, it's not broken. All you have to do is rest it; and you'll have plenty of time for that." He walks away and I watch him as he grabs a chair, sets it down in front of the door, and faces it toward the bed. He sits down and watches me. I just stare back at him unsure of what he's doing. "I was told to keep an eye on you. So here I am. Just get some sleep." I can't believe how serious he is. Not even reading a book or something to pass time. I might as well lie down. I roll over and face the opposite wall but I can practically feel his eyes burning into my back. I don't know how long I can take this. I want to ask so many questions but I'm afraid of what I might find out. Brother, what are you doing and why am I here because of you? I find myself crying softly and eventually, drift asleep. ... I wake up to hear someone talking. "Go take a break. I'll watch her for a minute. There's some things I need to talk with her about." I sit up and see the man from before, the one who must be in charge. He comes over and sits on the edge of the bed. He holds out a bottle of water to me. "Here. You must be thirsty and I know you couldn't speak before so it might help." I nod and take it. I take a few drinks; it's so nice. I've never been so thankful for water in my life. "My name is Yoo Youngjae, I'm the one in charge of things here...you know I'm really not a terrible guy. You'd think I'd be used to this but I'm not. Even now I'm worried about whether you think I'm a bad person. I think a truly nasty guy wouldn't care." What the hell is he talking about and why is he telling me? He kidnaps me, has me beaten, and tells me he's not a bad guy; is he crazy or something? His demeanor has completely changed from before. "Don't look at me like that, I swear I'm completely sane. I just don't have the stomach for this. Doing illegal jobs is one thing; but holding someone hostage, especially someone innocent, is a whole other story. I just want you to know that we aren't here to do any more harm to you. I'm hoping your brother will come through and this will end without any blood being shed." He stands up and looks at me sincerely. "Until then you'll stay in here but we won't be starving or torturing you. Let's just hope for the best, right?" He walks out the door and Yongguk comes back in. He sits back down and stares at me. I take a few more sips of the water and lie back down like before. It's so cold in this building, this must be the basement. It's hard to be still and not shiver. I can't move so there's no way to keep warm. After a few minutes I feel a heavy blanket drape over me and then hear him walking back to his chair. I must look pretty pathetic; beaten and shivering on a bed. So pathetic that even a thug would take pity on me.
OK your story is giving me creative feels. I want to do one now but by kidnapper is his own rival like twins but then I did it again and I got someone else. hmmm the possibilities of being kidnapped and the settings. it could be done in so many ways and the character could be from any place and time and have any job xp
@CrystalGuerra I did pick again so I'll go with the second because I can't think of a story with twin Himchans and the rest of my results.
"...I can practically feel his eyes burning into my back." hahaha this part of the sentence had my laughing cx
Youngjae you bias wrecker #
wow this is good... can you please tag me thanks
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