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When it comes to fashion, comfortability is a must.

We've all had that day where our pants were too tight or the button on our shirt wouldn't stop popping open, it happens and it sucks. Knowing how to play it off and work with what you have takes away from the flaw and focuses more so on your confidence. We all know that confidence shines bright. Play it off and they'll never know.
If you had to choose: would you rather walk around all day with a pair of shoes squeezing your toes or a pair of pants that ripped in the back down the middle?
Choose wisely and leave your answer below.
Small shoes for one could see my discomfort, no one needs to see my bum cheeks.
haha having done both (by mistake of course) the ripped pants were easier to deal with. Just tie your sweater around your waist until you get home
ripped pants because you can get an ingrown toenail from small shoes, and it's not pretty
@shannonl5 We don't wear sweaters in Sydney 馃槸
I'll take the split. call me JLO
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