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Fingal Head

Photographer Byron Pruckston Site [http://500px.com/wargunner] "Fingal Head, often just called Fingal, is a town and headland in Australia on the New South Wales far north coast in Tweed Shire Council, near the border with Queensland and the Gold Coast. The Tweed River runs northwards close to the coast for about 6km before reaching its mouth at Point Danger. This forms a spit about 500-800 metres wide and Fingal is about half way along, the section past Fingal is called Letitia Spit. The headland itself is a low hill covered by scrub, and by grass on the exposed ocean side. Walking tracks lead over it and on top is a small 7 metre lighthouse which was built in 1872 and is a traditional round design and stone construction. The area is a popular holiday resort for families, with miles of sandy beaches, fishing and water activities." [Source - http://www.fingalhead.com.au/]
@TiffanyMcElroy This remains one of my most favorite astrophotography pictures. :)
@MoonMinYeon That's right, MoonMi! I know you will. I will too, darned it! Ireland has always been of the places I want to visit the most.
I don't have the money to go now, but one day, one day :) just to ireland :D
@MoonMinYeon Yes! I expect to see lots of pictures. :-D Are you going traveling at all this summer?
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