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when life makes you not want to live, just put on your headphones. It'll fix everything
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@AmeliaMorgan If you don't mind, what do you listen to? I'm always looking for more lol. Phone is ALMOST 50% music lol. I can't delete any more apps 馃槀
haha. i listen to just about anything. ^-^" i guess the real question is what don't i listen to? haha. i usually look for songs with good lyrics and messages, those are my favorite. but when I'm looking throughmusic on YouTube, I'll try as many songs as possible. trying new things is how i find good songs. I'm starting a music collection on vingle, maybe you'll be able to find some songs you like from there. :) i only have two so far. maybe I'll do a song or two a day.
@AmeliaMorgan Awesome! for me I'm a little opposite actually lol. I don't like too many songs lol I prefer music (no lyrics). If you like that type of stuff look up a channel on YouTube that's called "ThePrimeCronus". He posts really good stuff. I like Audiomachine (These people represented USA in the last Olympics) and "Two Steps from Hell" (not what it seems lol).
Yep I couldn't agree more
I love audio machine and two steps from hell!!!!!!!