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Too relatable to explain. The only thing for me is that I "have the time of my life" so other people think I am okay, not so I think I am okay. Which one do you do? Or neither?
Yeah haha things tend to lose their luster as we become more and more jaded by life hahah @JayZK
I will do so! And don't put to high of expectations on it, I enjoyed it when I was 15, so I am thinking if I read it again it may not have the same effect as it did the first time, but who knows! @TessStevens
I think you are spot on. I think they are trying to tell us to keep trying and to keep putting ourselves out there because eventually something might just work, and we need to be ready when it does. I have to believe there is some hope. There's a quote from the book I am Number Four about hope that is actually quite beautiful. I will comment it here when I get home and find it.
I think this lyric is about pushing through and trying to have fun no matter what gets in your way. It is a hard thing to explain, because it's a hard thing to feel. Sometimes when I'm at parties, this lyric comes to me, because throughout all the emptiness there has to be some hope right?
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