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So I have been terribly sick all week long. I did manage to pull myself out of bed for the gym on Wednesday, but Thursday and today are no-shows. It's not just the sore throat, the sneezing, and the stuffy nose -- it's the exhaustion. I typically go to the gym in the morning, but I am going to see if I can handle the gym later on tonight (if my cold clears up.)
Here is how my Thursday looked like:

I felt like someone dunked my had in a bucket of water and plugged my nose.

But then I kept remembering that troopers go to the gym.

But I was like fuck that I'm sick and I think I'm dying.

I had my gym clothes on and everything but decided to stay in bed..

Is there such a thing as a nose plug for snots???


Yeah, I used to do that on some days when I was training to compete. But sometimes I just need to rest, ya know? @Chrisingularis
@BeannachtOraibh thank you :) :)
@BeannachtOraibh you're right. I spend my the entire day sleeping yesterday, which I think helped a lot
@XavierLopez yeah that soreness when you stop working out. That was me a few weeks ago haha.
that's so bad, I feel for you. it's alright to just take a rest day when you are sick. just get back on the ball as soon as possible. I know that one time I stopped working out for a week. and now that I am back on, everything hurts. my legs are killing me from doing squats.
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