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Cupid Season is more than February 14th. Pick a day, a week, a month--whatever--and celebrate the ONE YOU LUV! Who's your ultimate LUVBUG CRUSH?!
Dish on all the details. It can be a movie star that hasn't noticed you. Maybe a co-worker or study buddy at school. Is it the person you instantly connected with when your eyes met in the produce section? TELL US THE DETAILS!!!!!
And while you share, learn how to make this fabulous, non-alcoholic mocktail that I snagged from Martha Stewart, online!


1/4 cup black-currant juice
2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 cups chilled sparkling cider
Lemon peels, for garnish


Combine black-currant juice with lemon juice. Add sparkling cider. Divide between 2 glasses, and garnish each with a lemon peel.
How easy is that?!

NOW, TELL US YOUR LUV CRUSH STORY! Who are they? What was it about them that stole your heart?! SHARE!!!!!!!

If I get 15 LUV CRUSH stories from you all, then I PROMISE TO SHARE MY LUV CRUSH WITH YOU HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scout's Honor!

Crushing on a co-worker! But I quickly found out she's my ex's roommate so yeah... the search continues!
Really? Huh, that's definitely true! :) @EasternShell
Can't wait;) @Beeplzzz I used to be really shy and one day I realized I might be missing some fun. As they say, nothing ventured-nothing gained.
@EasternShell really? Wow you guys are such great advice givers thank you so much!! I'll let you know what happens next time I see him.
@Beeplzzz just keep being friendly and smile. Add a little something to brighten his day. Asking nonchanlantly about how his day is going? Or maybe there was a local event you could mention. You just have to get him to talk. Actually this works with women 2. I ran into someone who works in my area and she looked as if she was having an awful day. I asked her about her children and her face lit up. She had a full grin on her face. I ended by telling her it was nice seeing her again; that grin never left her face. It actually made my day better. Whatever you do, be comfortable. It will come naturally:)
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