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I like the concept I saw from @Voidx so I'm making my own card to showcase the OST's that I love :)
First up is the anime I've seen herd some of the best OST's for BLEACH. With the three that stick out best off the top of my head it's

1. Here to stay 2. Diddy for Daddy 3. Storm Center

It's the hardest thing for me to not think of a bankai on the third one xD
Next is the fast paced Air Gear, while it's anime adaptation might have had a short life span it left it's mark in the OST department with some sweet flows that just want to make ya move :D

1. Mad Babies 2. Skygrinder 3. Chain (OP)

Let's cool those jets with some Strike the Blood OST, an anime I hear little of it's OSTs are very moving as well as tear jerking :3

1. The Girl Who Remembers 2. Application of Thoughts 3. Because of You

the translation of the songs could be off fair warning :3
Let's kick your spirits back up with some dancing flow of Magi it bounces back and forth from kingdom and labyrinth but it's all awesome :)

1. Daily Opera #1 2. Danse Bizarre #1 3. Valse Hot

had to put in at least 1! action pumping one I know selfish me x3
To finish this b-e-a-u-tiful <-(Bruce almighty reference) list we have RWBY an anime that shows with enough hard work you too can make a kick ass series. Made by the guys who brought you Red vs. Blue the spectacular Rooster Teeth team brings us an anime bursting with OST flavor.

1. Red like Roses

2. I Burn Remix

3. When it Falls

So what do you think? What are some of your favorite OSTs? I would love to know what they are so tag me in your post so I can see it jam out to your chosen tunes :3

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For the original post: http://www.vingle.net/posts/1367638?shsrc=v Anyways, nice post and nice choice of OSTs :)