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@CrystalGuerra lol i dont know. jin said hes still his baby maknae so hes still not allowed to drink alcohol. in fact a fan gave him a bottle of soju and he was smiling and pretending to open it and jin took it away and said what i did above and gave him a bottle of banana milk instead and there is pics of him pouting drinking it haha
@MirandaStephens hahaha that's great, one of the reasons I think Jin is the best. And kookie, such a cutie.
@CrystalGuerra yeah its like i think jin should control him but let him drink occasionally i mean he is an adult now so its legal for him to drink now lol. but yeah it was so cute seeing him pouting after. i bet they let him have some when back at the dorm though lol i know i would let him have a little bit
@MirandaStephens maybe he gets really silly and embarrassing when he drinks lol
can we just talk about how jimin doesn't even look old enough to drink whatever him and v are drinking....