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Hello perfectionist!

And all gamers alike! If you're a trophy (achievement) hunter, chances are you 100% completed a game. I on the other hand do not. I play a lot of games but for the most part don't try to get trophies or achievements. I play the story and get collectibles or secrets as I come across them. Just last year I found a little extra time on my hands (I was unemployed) and was able to 100% three games! So here's my story on the three games I completed! Ether One! This is a game that most likely slipped past your radar. To be honest if I didn't get this for free on the PlayStation network it would of most likely slipped past mine.

Ether One!

This is a game that most likely slipped past your radar. To be honest if I didn't get this for free on the PlayStation network it would of most likely slipped past mine. Ether One can be categorized in what I like to call the "walking simulator" genre. You know these games in which you walk around and look at stuff and experience a more artsy story rather than an actual game. These type of games can be relaxing and a good change of pace; such is the case of Ether One. In Ether One you go inside the mind of a dementia patient trying to understand her past and cure her dementia. If you wish to uncover the story the game can be completed in about 4 hours (give or take). There are puzzles in the game that let you explore and discover more about the world you inhabit. Solve puzzles and complete projectors to discover the story within a story. Solve all the puzzles and collect all the collectibles and you'll earn yourself a platinum trophy! I was enthralled with this game and really enjoyed it. I won't lie I had some help with the Internet to 100% this but it was a good game.

Until Dawn!

I talked to death (pun definitely intended) about this game so I won't go into to much detail with it. If you don't know by now, Until Dawn is a Interactive horror game in which your decisions impact the story of the game and who survives "until dawn" is up to you. I loved this game and played it till I memorized every line. I wanted to see every outcome, every scenario and every death play out. Of course the first time around I played it normally and what ever happened, happened. I went back several times replaying scenes and making sure I got ever result possible. After help from the Internet (again) I was able to find every last clue and get every ending and receive that platinum trophy!

The Cave!

I talked about this game in my last post (click here for that). It's a fun puzzle play former with a great sense of humor. I highly recommend playing this game for fun and do not try to 100% this. Why, you ask? Good question, I'll tell you. I played this game by myself, I highly recommend getting 2 friends and play it that way. I played this game with every character twice to get each characters different endings, each character has a good and bad ending. That wasn't the problem, the problem was the order in which I did it. You see along with each characters endings the all have specific levels and specific achievements in each level. What I wasn't aware of was that to get a certain trophy you had to use a character 3 times and accompany him with 2 specific characters in one of those three play throughs. Here's a trophy tip: you'll have to choose the Hillbilly 3 times (what should be the only three times you play) in order to get 2 achievements. First set him up with the Time Traveler and the Knight. When you get to the Hillbilly's stage gather the wrench, dumbbell and the hammer and then go to the weight guesser. It doesn't matter which character hold what item; have the weight guesser guess the weight and it will come to 666lbs (haha). Second in all 3 of your play throughs make sure all the characters get their fortunes told by the fortune teller (duh). You need three play throughs because there are 6 other characters besides the Hillbilly and the Hillbilly needs to be apart of the party for it to work. Sorry for this long drawn out explanation everyone but if you don't do this you could wind up doing 5 or more play throughs as I did. So why not go for 100%? Simple there is no platinum trophy! I did all that work, played through this game way more than I had to 100% it and it was all for not. I love this game but I hate it at the same time. Seriously everyone okay this game, get all the characters endings and then leave it alone don't make the same mistake I did.

So that's, that gamers.

That's the tale of my victory and defeat(in victory)

Have you 100% a game? What trophies/achievements have you earned? Do you have a story like mine?

Let me know in your own card or in the comments! Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!
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@RaquelArredondo you're welcome! Isn't everything better with more people? This game especially.
I was trying to 100% ether one then it glitched so I quit playing.
I have a bunch of games >90% but I never 100% them because they usually include some kind of online element that I just don't care for.
@hhead232 it took me so long to beat it let alone 100%. It was so buggy on the PS4 and every bug fix brought new bugs and it crashed so many times. I don't blame you for not wanting to continue. I must of been really bored or really determined or both to complete it.