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↑Random pic lol Anywho, today's theme is music and I'm so happy XD the one thing I absolutely love about anime is the music I have this theory that if the opening theme is good, then the anime itself is good So anyway, I'll just list my top 5 :3 WARNING: Please forgive the nightcore versions, some aren't available in my country (USA)
1. ハイキュー!![Haikyuu!!] TBH I really just like the openings heh (^.^') 1. Imagination - SPYAIR (Season 1 Opening 1) 2. Ah! Yeah! - (Season 1 Opening 2) 3. I'm A Believer - SPYAIR (Season 2 Opening 1)
2. 進撃の巨人 [Attack On Titan] I really like the dramatic background music to this anime XD makes me pumped! Also, Hiroyuki Sawano is a genius! 1. Armored Titan Theme - IDK who sings it but they're amazing! 2. The Reluctant Heroes - Hiroyuki Sawano 3. Call Your Name - Hiroyuki Sawano
3. 青の祓魔師 [Blue Exorcist] Again, I'm more of an opening/ending theme fan XD for Blue Exorcist, it's the two ending themes and one ost 1. Take Off - 2PM (Ending Theme 1) 2. Movement-X - Hiroyuki Sawano (random OST I can't remember where in the anime it was) 3. Wired Life - Kuroki Meisa (Ending Theme 2)
4. 東京グールー [Tokyo Ghoul] 1. Unravel - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (Opening 1) (I also rcommend listening to all of the characters sing this song, it sounds so cool) 2. Seijatachi - People In The Box (Ending 1) 3. White Silence (feat. Shione Yukawa) - TK from Ling Tosite Sigure (this is actually from √A but idc cuz I love this song so much)
5. ノラガミ [Noragami] / ノラガミアラゴト [Noragami Aragoto] Again, another opening fan XD 1. Goya no Machiawase - Hello Sleepwalkers (Season 1 Opening 1) 2. Noratan - Iwasaki Taku (Some OST IDK maybe a fight song XD) 3. 撹乱Hey Kids! - The Oral Cigarettes (Season 2 Opening 1)
BONUS! I know this isn't an anime but while I'm sharing favorite soundtracks, I might as well suggest some non-anime related OSTs :) 1. Undertale Soundtrack (very 8-bit and beautiful, fills you with determination XD) 2. Life Is Strange Soundtrack (very good music, very chill and acoustic, good for studying or just chilling) 3. The Last of Us Soundtrack (very aminous and acoustic, pretty cool in a waking up vibe) So that's it :3 hope this shed some light on how I don't know many animes XD (also, tagging @VoidX cuz you're the one who started it XD)