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KPOP Challenge (YG STYLE)
As a woman of my word... I am actually trying to do a challenge again. I started answering instinctly the @BBXGD said what the questions haha...so here it is...
A.) MY First YG Artist (only 1)...


B.) First YG KPOP songs...

G-Dragon - HeartBreaker

C.) First YG KPOP M/V...

G-Dragon - HeartBreaker

wow I am real GD traah...watch I'll look like BigBang trash as we keep going...I love being a YG-stan...
D.) Ultimate YG Male Group...

Big Bang

E.) Top 3 favorite group...

BigBang, Epik High, 2ne1

They were the first ones I listen to... heck after GD [that beast] corrupted me, I learn I had been listening to Epik High way before bigbang debut.
F.) Favorite Top 5 favorite Solo Artists... 1. G-Dragon. 2. Taeyang 3. CL. 4. Tablo 5. Gummy (former artist of yg) forget being BigBang trash... I'm YG trash
G & H.) Top Favorite 5 Song and M/V... 1. Big Bang - Haru Haru 2. 2ne1 - Clap Your Hands 3. Seungri - Gotta Talk To U 4. Epik High - Rich 5. IKON - Rhythm Ta
I.) Catchiest Song... Hold up...seriously? all yg stands already will say these too first...

Wow Fantastic Baby & BangBangBang

J. & K.) Ultimate Bias Male & Female...

G Dragon and CL aka SkyDragon

yup that right there my favorite...no surprise haha. whether they work together solo still my favorites. Heck CL be my role model L. & M.) Best Male & Female Dancers...

Taeyang and Minzy

Have you seen them dancing? They are skilled. N. & O.) Best Male & Female Vocialist...

Daesung & Bom

their voices ...just wow...haha P. & Q.) Best Male and Female Rapper...

Tablo and CL

yeha didn't see that one coming now did ya... YG got amazing Rappers but Tablo is my top favorite. If you want to see the original set of questions made by @BBXGD then go here... http://www.vingle.net/posts/1379691?shsrc=v
I actuallyyy liked it. now u have me listening to bug bang again lmaoooo. . now I feel like doing one even though I created it. lmaooo 😍
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@BBXGD you trouble maker both you and @Helixx
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Your taste is almost EXACTLY like mine. Only my top 5 yg songs are different.
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