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Something you need to see.
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I have the same problem, it got so bad that for my 21st birthday my brother took me to get "I'm not perfect, I'm original" tattooed on my arm. he said "now you have a permanent reminder that people don't matter and to be the best you can be. Just do you, that's all you got in life" :)
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AWWW thank you for sharing this. it made my day!!
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Yes, I love this so much. I definitely strive to live this every single day. I learned a long time ago that nobody's opinion of me does not matter. I can only offer the world true self, and it's up to the world to take me as I am . Thanks for this!
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@NickySerban that's awesome :) I love that tattoo. Exactly - forget the pressure to be perfect, because we're awesome enough without worrying about that crap!! 😁😁
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exactly @AlloBaber. opinions don't matter, people will either like you as you are, or they won't.
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