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0/10 would not recommend.

Nothing against Tony Stark. It's just that the shirt he's wearing is definitely NOT made of boyfriend material. He can be sweet, but frankly, he's a bit of a fixer-upper. And nobody has time for that! Don't believe me? Here are ten reasons you don't wanna date Iron Man:
1. Sure, he's rich *now*. But just wait until you see the bill for the Battle of New York.
2. He might ask you to perform open heart surgery on him. That is not a metaphor.
3. If you had a giant stuffed rabbit for every mistake he made, your house would be full in a week.
4. He's going to forget that you're deathly allergic to that one food and feed it to you any day now.
5. And when exactly is he planning on building an Iron Man suit for you???
6. You know who doesn't like talking about his feelings? Tony Stark.
7. He doesn't have a job! What does he even do all day? Avenge things? He quit that too!
8. In the time it took to build an Iron Man suit he probably could have designed a teleportation device AND YET.
9. He's gonna get your house blown up. It's inevitable.
And finally...

10. You can date Colonel James Rhodes instead.

Seriously this dude is smart, employed, and loyal. He also has a suit, but it doesn't come attached to a giant ego with daddy issues. Why doesn't everyone date Rhodey?
And I would have to watch Iron Man 2 again. But I think it was more of a Bill Gates, Steve Balmer deal.
Not having a job is easily remedied by being a billionaire
yeah.....the heart surgery will freak me out cause if he joke and make me pull the wrong wire I'm done
i still would date iron man
I like these!! but I prob could look past them for a little while. as long as he remained loyal and faithful he's ok with me!!
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