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Seriously first it was J-Hope and now it's know how your afraid to look at someone because you know that once you do your knees go weak and you surrender to them without them even trying??? yeah, BTS does this, they have such power it's really scary. He is so talented with singing, dancing that he's on my "I could watch all day list". Not to mention those eyes and lips his smile is just lovely...ugh although I seem to be going through a period where I'm highly fan girling hard core over each member this is the first group like this to effect me this way since Super junior and Shinee.
So yeah I was just minding my business watching BTS funny moments then this video pops up and DAMN IT JIMIN I thought I had moved on from him but he dragged me back in with those damn sexy eyes and moves and voice. I swear I'm a bad pervert at 1:05 that is just mean a boy should not be making those kinds of sounds...
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The story of my life right here. It will be alright. We will make it through this together!