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So, I was never tagged but I decided to do it anyways. ^u^ Thanks @ashleyemmert for making this game. ORIGINAL CARD
: He asked me go to the store to get some drinks. He was in the middle of dance practice with JB. (For a best friend it's sad he only shows up here.)
: Honestly, I'm never surprised when he starts hitting on girls. Why is he in the streets?
: So it's unclear whom he is fighting. My brain made it BamBam. So that Mark is just tryng to protect me. BamBam should stop trying to pick up girls in dark places.
: I was standing abit too close to the fight and YoungJae noticed this. I guess he was chilling with Mark. I wonder if BamBam is okay. I hope Mark didn't punch him too hard.
: After all the commotion back at the dorm this tall fetus decides it's a good time to tell me his feelings. "Are you drunk Brownie?" (I am 13years older than him. He is a fetus.)
: This over protective mess wants to talk to me, but not in the dorms. "The fu..?"
: I didn't really want to hear another dude confess to me, so I escaped Mark. Sorry. Instead I run into JB. He has been at dance pratice this whole time. I decide to tell him about my night, in the end I ended up tell him that I'd rather be with him because I love him.
: This marshmello apparently also wanted to talk to JB, but noticed me talking to him. Instead of coming into the practice room he stood outside and listened to our conversation. When I said I loved JB he stormed in. He was sort of crying, but otherwise pissed. (What is wrong with everyone today? Do guys get PMS?)
: The resulting argument between JB and YoungJae was not one for young ears. Brownie came to see what was wrong and then quickly got me out of the room because damn. I was rather bewildered. I think after these events I decided not to date any of them.
I didn't start this intending to write a story. About halfway I realized that I was and changed the top to match. I am not usually a story writer. I don't know. This was fun. Dudes need to take some chill pills.
@ashleyemmert It's okay. I like finding things. One third of the fun of Vingle.
@TerraToyaSi I'm sorry boo 😭 I'll tag you from now on