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Hello everyone! Welcome to chapter 15! This is still fairly close to the beginning, so fret not, there will be plenty more chapters coming! At least 10 more before the end!
Krystal looked as though she was a deer in headlights. Tears fell from her face, and she shook her head. "I.. Can't.." her words were soft and full of hurt. She was so damaged by Bucky's death that she couldn't bear to think of what might happen if she said yes. Everyone Krystal had ever loved had died, and she feared that if she allowed herself to love Charles as she had Bucky, he too would die. She couldn't take a pain like that again. She wouldn't survive it.
Charles took both of Krystal's hands in his, squeezing them softly as he kept her pinned to the car. He wasn't letting her leave yet. Not without showing her that everything could be alright. "I know you're scared Krystal, but you don't have to be. I'm tougher than I look." Krystal's eyes widened like saucers, and she disappeared from under his grip in a puff of blue smoke. "No! Charles! You can't say that! Thats what he said before I lost him!" Her tone wasn't angry exactly, but you could hear the intense pain and worry in it. She was so convinced she was the reason Bucky died, she wasn't hearing what he was saying.
Charles looked at her, walking closer. Krystal just stood there, the tears falling like a rain storm that was forcasted for today on the television. She wad still feeling so guilty and scsred and it deginately showed. Even the air began to cool around her as she cried. Charles wrapped her in his arms, kissing her shoulder softly. He knew this was something she liked only through the dreams he'd shared with her. "Please Krys. I love you. Let me show you that everything is going to be fine."
Finally Krystal let out a soft sigh, turning around in his arms so she could see him. She rested her forehead on his, her tears stopped for now. Her voice was soft and hesitant, but he would be able to hear her. "Okay. I'll stay, Charles."
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