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@MaricelvaRomero so that person. who edit the video knew about it that's why the captions are right below Jackson. .ahaha. unless they did it themselves Mark or Jackson. lol you know they would do that
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I think the person who did this slowed it down to see when bambam laughs a bit and both bambam and Jr looked at him, and they could easily put the caption anywhere else but they put it below Jackson and yea Jackson or mark will do that but not play it twice though , right?
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@MaricelvaRomero also noticed how Jackson is nodding to what Mark's saying that's why also it slowed people can see Jackson's reaction to it.. and of course the members give it all away..haha..specially Jr. cause he is jelous. .lol
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Lol I saw Jackson first then I saw the other members @luna1171
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