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It seems there is something that introverts are good at when it comes to maximum concentration and a sense of serenity: being alone. Although this may seem stubborn to some and not as equally compared to extroverts, they use the time to rest up and not get involved in the behavior of extreme conversation and interaction that would ultimately give them enough stress to break them.
They are good at being hidden from the rest of the pack, not literally of course, but just so they can spend a lot of time in their heads; a closed space for the imaginative. I’m sure the moral excuse for introverts is to think of a situation surrounding the current environment and its predecessors and suddenly drift off, looking outside at nature and to be drawn back by the sound of a self-centered asshat by saying “Hey aren’t you gonna give us ideas about the new soda machine for the main lobby area?” And then the introvert, rather or not to fess up by awkwardly stutter at their boss, comes up with a response, but would sit quietly not having the urge to give an answer in front of a group of people. And then after the meeting, introverts go back to their original state of loneliness. Although, they have a few things that they not only enjoy doing, but keeps them fairly sane in order to pair up with the next big trend on their adventure through life.
The first is energizing at home. They will do everything to get away from the big crowd and head home and crash on the sofa. This is the comfort zone. They listen to music, read books, watch a movie, browse the internet, masturbate with the fluffy pillow (highly unlikely), and even though introverts are, in fact, boring, they know they are feeling a lot better when they don’t have to survive certain death outside when it comes to interacting with people. Otherwise, what possibility could there be when a person knocks on the door and disrupts their peace? Their best bet is to play dead and not make a sound. “Yes, this is a good idea. I’ll play dead so they’ll think I’m not here.” Then if the disruption continues, and the introvert is impatient, they give a nice welcome when they open the front door to greet their guest: “What in fucktard nation do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy being alone? I’ve reached my limit this month and asking about your life is NOT remotely appealing. Just let me be by myself for the next infinite amount of hours and get the fuck outta here. I’ll see ya at work tomorrow. Goodnight.”
Speaking of being outside, this is another thing they have to keep an eye on at all times: being around others while outside or in an inside building surrounded with people. The ridiculous notions of boring loudmouth people certainly can make introverts twitch and have the urge to tie them up with duct tape and put a banner that says “I can’t get this big knife down my throat any deeper. Need assistance.” Not all the time, just for emergencies only. There is no polite way of saying something nice to someone because trying to come up with a sentence is not only exhausting, but difficult. All the conversations end taking a lot of time to develop and it feels like it would take years to strike up some small talk. Introverts know deep down that they try, but it frightens them. Their insecurities hold them back. Try walking up to one and say anything: “Hi how are you?” “I’m sorry. I don’t want to talk to people. I don’t want to talk to people. I’m talking to someone right now. Damnit!” Poor souls. When they’re okay enough to be around at least one person, they don’t mind talking about themselves, that’s if the other person is willing to listen.
Their quietness also requires a lot of concentration. They are deep in thought all day long and they will come up with a lot of things, which in some cases almost all of them will work. This is where the fun is. Why put up with everyone else’s bullshit fun when introverts have the fun shit all to themselves. Of course there is an occasional downside and this goes back to the overall subject of introverts: they are pushed into talking to people. Parents are the worst about this. They tell them to talk to the other kids and adults, and they push the envelope further if introverts don’t cooperating with them. “Stop standing in the corner alone and go talk to the other kids and adults or we’ll give you a REAL talking manner!” Yeah, it’s great, isn’t it? All these problems are a blow to the head when having to put up with introverts, and the introverts themselves feel the same pain. They live in a world where they are the superhero everyone needs and then POOF, they are actually the person no one really asked for.
As all of this is constructed, do introverts actually need to be alone? Well, sort of, but not all the time. They need people because all in all, they are flawed without them. The anatomy inside the mind of an introvert can go with an extrovert since introverts are remotely composed as to what an extrovert, or in fact, another introvert is doing with their day. That would explain why extroverts are in capable hands of others when it comes to being on top of the social world. Introverts like to be alongside extroverts. They can dream, and imagine when they both walk beside each other, reviewing the same aspects and everything will be alright. Now, back in reality, introverts have to see an extrovert in order for this to work. Ain’t that something?
Now you might want to ask, “Which one are you Patmanmeow, extrovert or introvert?” Giving the time I write this, I’m an introvert at heart, but really, I’m more of a “Metrovert”. I go back and forth on these personalities depending on the situation. I’m a silent character with a mind of my own that is loud as fuck. And I love to talk about it.