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Coldplay just released a visually stunning music video called 'Hymn For The Weekend,' and there's a lot of talk around the video. The music video has snippets of the glorious Beyonce, playing a Bollywood actress.
The video also features shots of fire breathers and children playing in the slums. But there's talk that that the music video is cultural appropriation.

Watch the video for yourself.

Do you think this is cultural appropriation or appreciation?

Hmmm I feel like I saw a lot of cool images about the culture, but I never really learned about it. Exposure to anything new or different is good, but it could've done a better job at portraying the culture instead of using the culture as a pretty background. I don't think it's bad, but I take any media with a grain of salt.
What I've gathered, it seems alright seeing how it was portrayed. It was more like a celebration than anything else. I've started to shy away from Coldplay a bit because of how their music changed, but this one was alright.
I think it's both- you can appreciate a culture and still appropriate its imagery. To me it looks like they were using the culture as a set dressing and the people as props. Which is what most music videos look like- the difference here being that this wasn't a culture that belonged to anyone that was the central focus of the video