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How to Charm ~the Ladies~

So you want a girlfriend, but you don't know where to start?

Let me give you a couple tips for how to win a lady's heart, with a little help from the most sensual, romantic people I know.
These are just a couple of ways you can

Woo the marble! I mean... the ladies.

You like her. Awesome! Now what? Well, you've gotta spend some one on one time. Going out for coffee, going for walks/hikes, seeing a movie, going to a concert, taking a day trip somewhere, even just hanging out in the nearest downtown... these are all great ways to get some quality time together, talking and getting to know each other.

Err on the side of fancy.

I love when a guy puts effort into impressing me, whether it's by dressing up or planning a thoughtful date for us. Put on a tie. Light a candle. It goes a long way.

Don't be afraid to get in touch with your feminine side.

Do the things your lady friend wants to do with you, even if they're out of your comfort zone. It takes a real man to bake cupcakes and then go out for pedicures together. <3

Follow your passions.

Whatever makes you happy and excited, do that. Becoming a whole, interesting, passionate person is the best way to be attractive to a potential partner. Have goals, dreams, and hobbies, and chase them down BEFORE you waste a bunch of time chasing down ladies!

Have a goal in mind for the relationship.

Don't worry, it doesn't have to be marriage or anything. But seriously, before you pursue someone, think about WHY you want to date them. What are you hoping to gain or learn from the relationship? Are you ready to date? It's important to be happy single before you can be happy in a relationship.

Keep things special.

Surprise her with flowers or the occasional spontaneous date. Shake things up – the ladies love it when you keep things ~fresh~!

Have fun together.

That's the whole point of dating, isn't it? Having fun with someone you like! Don't put too much pressure on things. Just go with the flow and enjoy your time with the person. You might feel nervous at first, but remember, if you can't have fun with them, then there's really no point to dating them!

Don't try too hard to get her attention.

Sometimes people think they need to show off to attract the ladies attention. Well, those people are WRONG. Don't show off – just be yourself! You wanna find someone who likes you for exactly who you are, not someone who likes the show-offy person you pretend to be.

If you mess up, don't freak out!

It's okay if things don't go exactly as planned. Maybe you get rejected, or maybe you let her down. Listen – it's okay. You'll have plenty of chances to find an awesome lady and make her smile. One little mistake or rejection isn't a big deal.
Just keep a good head on your shoulders, and look at the big picture. Your life won't be shaped by one bad experience. You rock, and if you keep doing you, chasing your passions, and making an effort, you'll charm ALL the ladies in no time!!
For more inspiration on wooing the ladies, being charming, or flirting like a boss, check out my Modern Day Romance collection!
@AlloBaber the only relationship I have is with my games and animes😒 #foreveralone 😿😿 but that aside there's this one girl that caught my attention and she's like 20 states away
I think a lot of things in this list could apply to an LDR @ebethoven I was in one for a year, and adapting to the situation is key. You'd be surprise how many types of Skype dates you can have! :)
what about In a Ld relationship ?
Hahahaha "About... it" Lol I loved that. Awesome!! :D I'll add it to my list of cards that need to be written ASAP. I have so many ideas lately 😁
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