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I'm a bit of a couch potato.

I know, it's the worst. Part of it is that I still really want to make my own tv series- so really I'm just brushing up and seeing how it's done! But I also get really passionate about the characters, and if the plot is really engaging or surprising I'll be hooked. So here's what I watch when I'm waiting for Daredevil Season 2 or wishing that there was a new episode of Agent Carter on...

The 100

This show starts out kind of awkward (the first episode is universally agreed to be their worst) but it gets really good really fast. It's brutal, but it ends up asking kind of subtle questions about morality and leadership. Definitely worth checking out while you wait for season two of Daredevil!


I shamelessly love this show. It's far more optimistic than others, but it still addresses a lot of the modern struggles that young women face. I really relate to Kara's moments of self-doubt, which makes her successes all the more exciting for me to see. If you're not caught up with this one it'll be the perfect series to binge when Agent Carter wraps up!

A Young Doctor's Notebook

This show is... weird. It's darkly funny, gross and beautiful all at once, and the writing is so tight! More importantly though, Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe play off each other so well (they're playing the same character, it's amazing). There's really nothing else like this. It's only two seasons (four episodes each) but as long as you have a strong stomach you'll be dying laughing the whole time.
@peahyr definitely recommended :D @MichaelOgg young doctor's notebook is honestly so weird but I love it. It's sort of similar to Snowpiercer in tone
I haven't watched any of those
good shows xD